International Service encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and peace.

Program Activities 2015-2016


This year our club once again made contributions to a number of significant International projects, specifically:

Wheelchairs for Kids – $1800

Our support of this project, via our display at Ritchies, has continued. Unfortunately, a change to Ritchies’ policy meant that we had to remove our collection tin from the display. However the generous Community Benefits Scheme has continued, allowing us to donate $1800, (including some carry over funds from the previous year). That donation results in the supply of a further 12 Wheelchairs.

Interplast – $500

Interplast sends teams of volunteer plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals to provide life-changing surgery and medical training in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Our clubs donation will go a small way towards continuing this fine work.

Rotarians Against Malaria – $500

In support of our own Gloria Hargreaves who currently chairs the District RAM committee, and in support of this fine project, our club made a donation of $500.

With the aim of reducing the incidence of Malaria in developing countries, our donation will go towards funding the supply of nets and reducing mosquito breeding.

Tenderfoot Self Help School – $651.50

Our club’s involvement in supporting the Tenderfoot school in Kenya, was initiated some years ago by the Late Great Ray Adams PDG, PP, PHF etc. etc. We have continued that support this year with a donation of $651.50. All of the money donated was raised at our club’s Christmas function. The money was raised by both the auction of 2 of Ray’s Rotary ties, and his Rotary T shirt, along with donations from Rotarians present. Thanks to all who contributed.

The money raised will sponsor 2 students for 1 year, with the balance of $61.50 being directed to a specific project of the schools choice. Thanks also to John & Lorna Shaw for their continued work in co-ordination the sponsorship.

Australian Himalayan Foundation – $1000

Once again, in memory of our well respected and loved past member, the late Alfred (Greg) Gregory, our club made a donation of $1000 to the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

The money will be used in teacher training in the remote Solu Khumbu area of Nepal.

Additionally, Kris Ash is following up on her great idea of developing an Everyday Heroes site, under the auspices of our Rotary Club, to further expand the scope of fundraising for the Australian Himalayan Foundation. The site will allow others, specifically students in Australian school, to donate towards the great work of the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

That work is focused on ensuring the continued education of Nepalese children in the wake of the disastrous earthquake. The catch cry for the project, as suggested by Kris is ‘Kids educating Kids’. Congratulations Kris on a great initiative.

Rotary Club of Rowville-Lysterfield Kiriwan Island PNG Project – $1000

This great project, initiated by Alan Lunghusen of the Rotary Club of Rowville-Lysterfield, is bringing assistance to the people of Kiriwan Island. Alan spoke to our club about the poor facilities and conditions, and the lack of meaningful assistance supplied by the PNG Govt. to the people of the island. Alan has secured a global grant from the Rotary Foundation, but was short about $16,000 of the total project cost of approximately $130,000. Our donation of $1000 will go towards bridging that financial gap, and allow the great project to proceed.

Thanks to the support of the International Service committee and the Board we have made a difference.

Russ Nielsen

Chair, International Service Committee