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To Hear or not to hear

The club members were delighted to hear (excuse the pun) from Khatija Halabi who works at Casey Hearing after a career dedicated to improving the lives of those with hearing loss.  Khatija’s journey included working at St Vincent’s School for the Deaf in South Africa, working in Gippsland focusing on industrial hearing loss and ensuring safety of workers.

Khatija’s very personal approach ensures she understands the story of those that come to her for assistance, so she can be sure she makes a difference to her patient’s lives.

Khatija explained how hearing loss can lead to communication breakdown, particularly around active listening.

I am sure those who seek her assistance find her fun to work with as her talk was interesting and interactive, with the birthday boy, Peter Brock and PP PHF Marcus Adams

demonstrating how the ear drum worked with tuning forks and ping pong balls.  We finished off with a decibel quiz – leading to some in our midst seriously questioning their ‘safe hearing’ practices.  A great evening – thank you Marcus for inviting Khatija and of course, we very much appreciated Khatija being our guest this evening. 

Rotarians Against Malaria Update

PP PHF Gloria Hargreaves provided feedback on the World Malaria Congress held at the Melbourne Convention Centre recently – 600 countries were represented by over 1000 delegates with 200 speakers throughout the 5 days.

  • The statistics are staggering –
    • 91 countries are malaria endemic,
    • In 2016 216 million cases of malaria were reported globally, with 445,000 deaths, many of these children.
    • Good news especially for RAM Australia is that the Solomons and Timor Leste are on track to report total elimination by 2025 and Vanuatu and Myanmar are not far behind.
    • … but there has been a resurgence in PNG and the number of cases in Cambodia doubled last year.
    • Treated bed nets and insecticide spraying are still the most effective interventions.
    • Surveillance and mapping targeted interventions – Chasing Malaria RAM project is a key strategy.
    • Funding – total funding reached US$2.7 billion in 2016, for a global investment of US$100 billion between now and 2030 we could eliminate 3 billion cases of malaria, save over 10 million lives and make US$7 trillion through increased productivity and health savings.

You can understand why Gloria is so passionate about this cause – see her fuller report here.

Brent Edwards BNI (Business Networks International

Thank you to Brent Edwards from BNI, who attended our meeting on 3 July.  Brent provided insights into networking commenting that you are your business’s billboard and you need to walk the talk.  He explained there are numerous networking opportunities and each person knows approximately 150 people (Dunbar’s Theory).  Networking opportunities can include social, online, civic and hard networking events. 


Working the room correctly involves some skills including reading body language and identifying private and open groups.  There are rules about networking as well such as using the opportunity to build relationships rather than sell yourself, establish credibility, listen to understand, ask questions and set yourself a tagline, what do you do?

Dont forget to create raving fans and talk in terms of solutions, make yourself referable by being reliable and professional.  Stop to walk in your customer’s shoes – dont discount, add value to your offering!!

RI Conference News

Hi all , 4 days down and 1 to go , weather almost as variable as Melbourne , warm and sunny 1 day wet and raining the next. Last night we ventured some 35km out of town on the GOtrain to a home hospitality night hosted by the RC of Markam Unionville. Fortunately the weather was good as it was outside in the garden. The RC is about the same size as ours but has a link with a choir group who performed a few songs for our entertainment; look out Spangles there is competition on the Rotary performance circuit! The hit of the night was a rendition of Reach Out I’ll be There with a would be Joe Cocker creating much amusement! The other songs including Oh Canada were a tad more serious. Visitors included 2 other Aussies from Heidelberg , one from Uganda 4 from the USA and Switzerland and Austria were also represented. There was plenty of food , the main fare provided by a mobile food van, It was suggested I should try the “moose balls” as they were better than Vegeimite,  well in expecting some meatiness I was disappointed as they were mainly potato and cheese deep fried , marginally more attractive than wombats droppings! 
The convention plenary sessions have been held in the Canada Centre which is home to the Maple Leafs Ice Hockey team.The break out sessions about 500m up the road at the Metropolitan Convention centre which is half under the Skytower and half on the other side of the railtracks near Union Station , so there has been plenty of walking to work off all the fried food.
The convention speakers have been  most interesting , including Princess Anne, Laura Bush , John Hewko General Sec RI, Head of WHO , UNICEF and tomorrow PM Justin Trudeau.  There has been a strong emphasis on the focus areas of RI in WASH , Basic Education and Primary Healthcare and Human Rights and of course POLIO plus. 
In supporting projects much emphasis is placed on initial community assessment , participation ownership and sustainability for long term success prior to spending money on hardware,  Disaster Aid Australia and  SkyJuice water supplies is prominent and well aligned with these aims.
Peter B the breakout session by RAGAS End Slavery was overflowing so I was’t able to get in but I did catch up with them in the house of friendship briefly.
Its amazing how many times one runs across friends from D9810 in the crowd of over 35000  , and you get to talk to many Rotarians from all over the world , and mostly its like conversing with old friends , emphasising how much we have in common in the Rotary family , wears you out at times but worth it 10 times over.
Thursday we fly west to Kelowna for a few days R&R with Claire and Jake.
PP PHF Russell Marnock

Changeover Dinner 29 May 2018

The Rotary Club Changeover Dinner 2018-19 was a fun filled affair at Beacon Hills Golf Club. 2018 – 2019 DG Russell Gurney and wife Shelley were in attendance and our MC John Henderson did an amazing job in keeping proceedings on track.Congratulations to Paul Harris recipients Lorna Shaw and Ian Wakefield, so well deserved 🙂

Members joined in fun and laughter about Rotary Down Under and the presentation of the club’s special award for the funniest occurrence of the year to Marcus. James and Michelle provided a rendition from Phantom to round off the evening.

Of course, there was also the serious business to attend to as the Presidential ‘baton’ was passed from now PP Russell Marnock to Pres. Ian Ash.

Thank you to Russ and wife Marjolein for all the hard work in the last Rotary year, thank you to the board for great work and service and thank you to Ann Wheeler for all her support as Assistant Govn. for the last 3 years.

The members wish Pres. Ian an enjoyable and productive year and welcome the 2018-19 Board – we look forward to another great Rotary year ahead.

Rotary at Pave Funfest Apr 8 2018

The Rotary Club set up the donut van and sausage sizzle at the Pave Funfest on Sunday 8 April.  Sees like a good time was had by all including Toby the dinosaur.


A Fun Wine Tasting Evening

New Member Susie Wilson Induction

The Club members were more than delighted to welcome our very own local Pharmacist, Susie Wilson as a club member this evening.

We are all looking forward to Susie becoming a regular attendee at our meetings and events.

Picture – President Russ Marnock inducting Susie into the club as Gloria Hargreaves watches on.

Conference fun and laughter – Jailhouse Rock Theme



The club members enjoy a great night out at local restaurant Bam Bams


All American a hugh success

The 2018 All American Car Dispamay and Man Cave Alley was a ahuge success again.  Thank you to all who attended on the the day and to Peter Brock and his team for an amazing job in organising the event.


Below are a few memories of the day.



Meeting 6th February 2018

 Guest Speaker-Martin Pater talked about “disaster aid australia”. World wide every year there are disaters and daily 4000 children die due to “unclean” water. The aim of the project is to provide safe water for every child working through 1 community at a time. SkyHydrants have been produced to remove the contaminated articles and provide 1000 litres per hour of clean water for up to 10 years with minimum maintenance.

Club Donates $1000 to Malaria 30 January 2018


New Paul Harris Member!

At our AGM last night we were all delighted long-standing Rotarian Tom Watson received the Paul Harris Award for all the amazing work he quietly gets on and does. Without his efforts many of our events would not run smoothly. Thank you Tom for your wonderful commitment to the Rotary Club of Emerald and District!

Shia Smart, who will be District Governor 2018-2019 presented the award and it was fantastic that Tom’s family surprised him by attending.

Donation to Milking Cows and Goats Project

……….and a welcome to new member Aneesh Bajaj

A busy night at Rotary this week! We inducted new member Aneesh Bajaj and are delighted he is now a member of our club.

Jason Micheni spoke to us about the Agricultural project we have supported in Kenya for a number of years, providing cows and goats to feed children. A very worthwhile project of the Rotary Club of Healsville. For more information visit http://www.cowsandgoatsproject.org.au/We were pleased to be able to donate $500 to the milking cows and goats project


Modern Day Slavery – Robyn and Tony Stokes

Travel Tips With Mary

Mary Oke from our local travel agency provided some great tips on traveling for us this evening.

DG Visit

We were pleased to welcome District Governor Malcolm Chiverton, his wife Karen and Assistant DG Ann Wheeler to our rotary meeting this week.

Oh What a Night!!

It is a custom at the RC of Emerald and District to ask new members at some point, when they feel comfortable to do so, to provide a brief talk on themselves to the club.

Tonight was the turn of our lovely Sangeeta whose husband came along to support her. Her talk was really interesting …. however there we some additional photos included in the powerpoint she was unaware of – it was hilarious to watch Sangeeta’s reaction – a really great presentation and one we will remember for a while thanks to the photo bombs by her other half!!


Then ……..If the presentation by the young adults from Emerald Secondary College this evening is anything to go by the future is in thoughtful, inspirational hands. The P.R.I.D.E group from the school presented on the work they have been undertaking to build and raise funds for a their sensory, inclusion garden in association with International Future Problem Solving Program. The garden is a way of practically demonstrating inclusion and diversity.

One of the group preformed a song he had written – an amazing voice and terrific composition. Watch out for the YouTube Link coming soon!!

The club members were very keen to become involved to help this amazing group realise their vision and help in practical ways to build the final stage of the garden.

Busy Evening on 8 August

This week was an active club evening where we discussed plans for the months ahead in our committees. Henk Van Den Bergen kindly provided a presentation to the members on public speaking. Everyone came away with valuable tips on how to quell the nerves, engage the audience and steel yourself for those impromptu moments. Thank you so much for the advice, Henk

One of our adventurous Rotarians, John was recently on holiday in the UK. He decided to visit the Rotary Club of Pitlochry in Scotland and was given a warm welcome. To top it off he recieved the club’s pennant in the post this week – we thought it would be nice to take a picture to thank them of John with President Russ – and of course the said pennant.

Another jam packed evening at the Rotary Club of Emerald and District.


Pie Night

A good time was had by all at the Pie Night with Wayne Collins receiving the PHF for his work in the community particularly through Echo and helping young people find their way.  The Football Club President Dean Stuhldreier gave us some background information on the Footy Club.


A Good Start to the Year!

A great start to our Rotary year – the chain of office was found and presented to Russ by Emma and we had an inspirational talk from club member Peter Brock who provided insights into the Rotary Convention in Atlanta earlier this year.
Peter was inspired by how close we are to ending Polio, the work we Rotary is doing to end slavery in so many countries around the world and the many more international project he learnt about whilst in Atlanta.  Lots of great memories, new friendships and deeper understanding of the amazing impact Rotary has around the world. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Peter, including the trip to Hooters!! 
Some time was spent this evening in our committees planning for the year ahead. Judging by the buzz of conversation in the room we are all going to be very busy!!

Changeover Night 2017-18

We said goodbye to our amazing President 2016-17, PP PHF Emma Clark and welcomed the new President for this Rotary year, PHF Russell Marnock.  A great evening topped off by a performance by The Spangles.  Well done to Peter Hadwen who received a Paul Harris Fellow and PHF and Past President Ken Miller who was honoured with a PHF Sapphire Pin – both have made significant contributions to the club.  We also recognised Kerry Champness with our own Horse’s anatomy award for his escapades at the Kids Fun Run With Thomas event.


The Spangles

Board 2017-18


International President Ian Riseley Announces Rotary Theme 2017-18




Nossal School – Paying it forward

We were delighted when Nossal High School Principal Roger Page and School Captains Abel and Aria presented the RC of Emerald and District with a cheque for $1,500 to go towards the Tenderfoot School Project. Such a wonderful way for the students at the Nossal School to thank the club for administering the Great Community Raffle.
The school has used money from the Great Community Raffle to fund sports facilities and it is gratifying the students chose to give a donation to a school in Kenya where education is the key to a future away from poverty.
We were also delighted that retired school teacher Cheryl Thompson was also able to attend our meeting this evening.

Fernlea House

Thank you to ts Sue McIvor for staying late in the hills to speak to the club this week about Fernlea House – a very much needed service in our community.


Rotary Conference In Geelong 2017

The conference theme was Building Connections Realising Dreams.  As always we had a wonderful time with a fantastic club night on Friday, some speakers that were amazing and of course we all went mad with out Anywhere on Earth rendition at the Saturday Gala Dinner.  We came seconded (were we robbed??)  We enjoyed it non-the-less as can be seen for the images below


Kids Fun Run With Thomas Cheque Presentation

The Rotary Club if Emerald and District was delighted to hand over a cheque for $40,000 to CPEC this morning along with some of the Sponsors of the Kids Fun Run with Thomas, Mitre 10/Barry Plant Emerald.

CPEC is delighted that so much was raised for them by the children who took part in fundraising and registered to run with Thomas in November last year. Whilst we were at CPEC we saw how well the sensory garden area has come along with funds previously raised through the Kids Fun Run With Thomas.

Fund raised will build a new teaching room with special wheelchair access ramp for the children at CPEC – such a wonderfully worthy recipient of funds from the day.

Thank you to every one of our little runners, their family and friends for the wonderful support!

Keep Sunday 26 November free, we will be doing it all over again – Thomas is getting excited already


All American Swap Meet and Man Cave

A great day was had be all despite the rain, thanks to everyone who volunteered on the day and to the Man Cave participants who came along despite the weather forecast

Sensory Garden Now Complete at CPEC

The Sensory Garden at CPEC was built with funds from the KFRWT 2014.  Lovely to see the children enjoying themselves.

img_0426 img_0425 img_0423 img_0422 img_0421

Kids Fun Run With Thomas 2016

Our Rotary and other volunteers can be seen in action at https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubOfEmeraldDistrict/videos/1117946844970409/ and the CPEC  kids enjoying themselve can be found at the following url https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubOfEmeraldDistrict/videos/1117946844970409

The children raised over $9,600 for CPEC and with over 550 runners on the day we are confident to be able to hand over a cheque to build the new therapy room CPEC so desparately need!

Well done one and all – fabulous day again!!!

dsc_8977 dsc_8967 dsc_8963 dsc_8953 dsc_8946 dsc_8917 dsc_8910 dsc_8875 dsc_8843 dsc_8825 dsc_8822 dsc_4053 dsc_4032 dsc_4024 dsc_3983 dsc_3963 dsc_3936 dsc_3905 dsc_3895 dsc_3880 dsc_3871 dsc_3852 dsc_3842 dsc_3740


School Speech Competition

The Rotary Club of Emerald & District recently held its Primary School Speech Contest Final. Six of our local schools each had 2 students from Grades 5 and 6 participating.

The 3 minute speech presented by each of the children was judged by a panel of three Toastmaster judges. Emily being the winner, will now compete in the District Final to be held in a couple of weeks.

The Speech Contest is an excellent Rotary project that aims to develop public speaking skills in upper Primary School students. It also enables our Rotary Club to build an even greater rapport with our local schools.

The winner was Emily Tilson from Cockatoo PS, second was Kieran Lyons from Selby PS and third was Abbey Richardson from Cockatoo PS

Congratulations to all the wonderful participants!!!

dsc_5440 dsc_5514 dsc_5523 dsc_5375 dsc_5370


Visit from Interplast

We were delighted to have Warwick Bisley as our guest last week. Warwick provided valuable insights into the work of Interplast.

Interplast sends teams of volunteer plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals to provide life-changing surgery and medical training in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

They do this in partnership with local organisations, including hospitals, universities and local NGOs. Their mission is to ‘repair bodies and rebuild lives’ and theydo this through providing surgical services to those who could not otherwise afford or access these, and by building the capacity of local medical systems through training and mentoring programs.

The Rotary Club presented Warwick with a cheque for $500 to assist their life-saving work. To find out more about Interplast visit https://www.interplast.org.au/


Founding Members Reconnect

We were delighted to welcome Maurice Schwennesen, his wife Lynne and Maurice’s sister Janet Nichols.  Maurice and Janet are the children of our club charter president Bruce Schwennesen and Vi.

Bruce and his brother John were members of the Belgrave Rotary Club that charted are club.  At the time of our club’s charter, the RC of Belgrave presented the plate to the RC of Emerald as a memento of the event.  The plate has been in the care of Bruce and Vi since that time.  Bruce sadly passed away a few years ago and Vi felt that the plate should be in the custody of the RC of Emerald & District again.

Bruce was Charter President, and John President the following year – they were extremely instrumental in getting the club going.  Vi was Charter President of the Emerald Inner Wheel Club for women – at that time, of course, women were not allowed to join Rotary!



Support for Emergency Program

The Rotary Club of Emerald and District was delighted to support the Emerald Emergency Planning Recovery Program by donating $700 towards the Ready to Go Health Heat Program, which is part of the overall planning. These funds will train 10 volunteers in first aid.

The Emergency Planning Recovery Program is unique in Victoria and is a pilot which build resilience and planning into a community BEFORE a disaster such as a bush fire. Recently, after the devastation caused by the strong winds the group sprung into action and the pre-planning proved invaluable to the local community.

Wayne Collins gave the club an over-view of the scheme which has multiple facets including the program we are supporting which will provide assistance to the elderly on hot days and in the event of an evacuation.

Great initiative and one we hope will be replicated in other communities!


Sausage Sizzle Fun

…and congratulations to Pam who won the raffle on the day.



Octoberfest 14 October!!

Hop on line and secure your place!  Tickets are selling fast



The 2016 Great Community Raffle

Raised nearly $190,000 in 2016

This brings the overall total of the Great Community Raffle to over $1.2m

Congratulations to Karen Collard – The Basin Pre-School Group and Rob Chambers – Lysterfield Primary School – winners for the 2016 Great Community Raffle!! Happy motoring ahead guys – your families looked absolutely delighted with the win 🙂

A great night was had by all community groups on 23 August as they celebrated and collected cheques for the funds raised.

This year the Great Community Raffle raised just short of $190,000 for local groups. Since the inception of the program the raffle has now topped $1.2m funds raised. What an amazing effort by Craig, Scotty, Patrina and the team and Ferntree Gully Motor Group.



Emerald Olympics

Roll over Rio – you haven’t seen anything like the RC of Emerald and District’s Olympics.  Great fun was had by all who attended on Saturday 13 August.

Emma’s take on the evening …..  Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! What a wonderful night we had on Saturday night! The photos speak for themselves. It was less physical prowess and more “leave your dignity at the door” which was required for success. Much fun was had by kids and adults alike and it was a great opportunity for us all to catch-up and catch the Olympic spirit. There were protests in nearly every event, but I am pleased to say the final decisions were fair to all concerned.

image4image2image3image2 2image1image3 2

Behind the Badge

Behind the Badge at Club Assembly once a month provides the opportunity to hear about the lives of our Rotarians and their passions.  Chris presented on his work assisting  young people get back on track.  What an amazing insight this was, you could see how much this means to Chris and now important his commitment is for the young people he works with.  Thank you, Chris for a heart-felt delivery.



Welcome to our first new member of 2016-17!!

On 26th July we welcomed our newest club member, Linc Reed-Nickerson.  Everyone was delighted Linc wanted to join our club and we look forward to his involvement in the future.


Wine Tasting Evening

Thank you to Sabrina D’Angelo for coming to the club on 19 July to provide insight into setting up a vineyard with some rather tasty samples as well.  A very enjoyable evening was had  by all.  Lyn Beckwith won the raffle, a bottle of sumptuous Pink Lady!!



Annual Changeover – 2016-17

 Rotary Club of Emerald & District Board of Directors for 2016-17

President Emma Clark
Secretary Vicki Van Den Bergen
Treasurer MIchelle Wheeler
President-Elect & Club Service Russell Marnock
Immediate Past President PP Martin Buoncristiani
Community Service Yvette Hayes
International PP Tina McInerney
Vocational Service PP John Shaw
Youth Service PP Gloria Hargreaves


On Tuesday 5 July we welcomed in our new President for 2016-17, Emma Clark and thanked our now Past President, Martin Buoncristiani for a great year.  The evening was pretty hectic as we induced two new members, Shalani Penny and John Henderson.  We look forward to their involvement in the Club and of course their company!  Of note, Lorna Shaw was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow for her tireless work for the club as President, Secretary, Treasurer (3 times) work on committees such as the Kids Fun Run WIth Thomas and the Great Community Raffle.  Lorna is one of our most active members and the award is well deserved.







Outstanding Rotary Club Award 2015-16

Each year awards are given to rotary clubs for their contributions and achievements in three categories, club building, club projects, and club PR and communications. We are very honoured at the Rotary Club of Emerald and District to have been awarded one of only two awards given in this category of Outstanding Rotary Club Award at the District Changeover last Saturday.

Great teamwork and effort by all the members – great job Martin in your Presidential year.

So … what are you waiting for, come and see what the Rotary Club of Emerald and District gets up to – we are friendly bunch and look forward to more new members joining our ranks.



Drink Anyone??

On 31 May 2016 the club departed from normal meeting business and held a cocktail party so all our many new members could mingle with and get to know the old hands.  It was great fun and everyone enjoyed a tipple or two.


A Very Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members

Welcome to the club Erica and Richard Gaunt and Lisa Mandl.



Great Train Race 2016

Members of the Rotary Club got up bright and early on Sunday 1 May to assist marshalling traffic and parking for the Great Train Race between Belgrave and Emerald against Puffing Billy.  Over 3000 runners took part despite the showery conditions.



Pride of Workmanship Awards Evening 19 April 2016

The RC of Emerald and District were delighted to acknowledge the following recipients at our 2016 Pride of Workmanship Awards Evening – well done to all Awardees for their commitment to their place of work, their colleagues and the wider community.  It is fitting the awards night fell on the 148th anniversary of the birth of rotary founder, Paul Harris.
Kevin Mathisen
Pride of Workmanship
Volunteer Award
Merle Mathisen
Pride of Workmanship
Volunteer Award
Kerry Champness
Pride of Workmanship
Community Award
Amanda Flint
Pride of Workmanship
Community Award
Dennis Fuller
Pride of Workmanship
Education Award
Melanie Jackson
Pride of Workmanship
Business Award
Roger Neal
Pride of Workmanship
Business Award
Sukdev Shrestha
Pride of Workmanship
Business Award
Belinda Anderson
Pride of Workmanship
Business Award
Susan Witty
Pride of Workmanship
Business Award
Debra Kestles
Pride of Workmanship
Business Award


Rotary District Conference 2016

Enjoying the Rotary Conference in Shepparton and dressing up as ‘Bandstand’. A great weekend away – good company, good food and some good conference content.

DSC_0238 DSC_0258

Cheque Presentation to CPEC

The RC was delighted to hand over a cheque for $30k to CPEC being the proceeds of the Kids Fun Run With Thomas.

Just lovely to be able to present CPEC with a cheque for $32k from the Kids Fun Run With Thomas event in November last year. CPEC is an amazing place doing such good work for children with Cerebral Palsy. Thank you to everyone who helped with the day, the volunteers, sponsors, Rotarians, children and families who took part and our special little online fundraisers! Your efforts really will make a big difference.

12747868_911164665648629_1701030710820300892_oDSC_0574 DSC_0568

All American 2016

Another glorious day at the All American again this year!!


DSC_0468DSC_0480 DSC_0565 DSC_0519 DSC_0516 DSC_0515

Welcome Sunil


Well Deserved Reward for Russ Nielsen

Congratulations to Russell Nielsen on his La Trobe Community Award. So very well deserved after so much dedication to the community for a lot of years.


Kids Fun Run With Thomas Raises $30k for CPEC

Another wonderful day out for the family raising funds for the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre in Glen Waverley.  Kids really did run for kids.

DSC_1133 DSC_1110 DSC_126912239169_863815920383504_466459496831790184_o12239755_919065618148753_6077748469639352640_n12291705_866470906784672_2978728874868984507_o12247858_866469576784805_4961388816161991702_o

Welcome Mel!

Welcome to the Rotary Club Mel!! We were delighted to induct Mel into the Rotary Club last Tuesday and look forward to her involvement in club activities and of course all our social events!!


Primary School Speech Competition

On Tuesday 27 October the Rotary Club of Emerald and District organised the inaugural Primary School Speech Contest. We heard 11 young people from our local schools compete for 3 prize winning places in our Primary School Speech Contest Final. Everyone who attended was impressed about how much research had gone into their speeches and how well these Grade 5 and 6 students presented their 3 minute talk.

The winner was Ella Chawkley from Cockatoo Primary School closely followed by Steph Bridges from Menzies Creek Primary and Charlee Tjepkema from Gembrook Primary. Congratulations to all who competed you can be proud of how well you did.

Thank you to the Rotary Youth Service Committee under the leadership of Gloria Hargreaves for organising such a well run evening, to Emerald Primary School for making their facilities available and to Foremost Print Solutions in Knoxfield for kindly printing all the programs for the event. Thank you also to the Hon. Brad Batten, MP, Cr Leticia Wilmot, Mayor and Cr Bret Owen for taking time from their busy schedules to attend the evening and present the winning certificates. Lastly a very big thank you to the Toastmaster judges, not an easy task with such high quality speeches!!



Cockatoo Dojo of Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts

We were delighted with a demonstration of martial arts skills on 22 Sept when Wayne Boyd and some of the pupils attended the RC meeting – a very informative and enjoyable evening.

IMG_2104 IMG_2126

Great Community Raffle Winners

Congratulations to Upper Ferntree Gully Junior Football Club – Winners of the 2015 Great Community Raffle.  The raffle raise $168,100 this bringing the total raised in the last 6 years to $830,000 – a fantastic effort by Craig, Scotty and the team at Ferntree Gully Motor Group.

DSC_0747 copyDSC_0763 copy

Club Photo 2015



Welcome to our New Members – 18 August 2015

Welcome to our new members Kelly, Andrew and Peter.  We are delighted you are now part of our club and we look forward to many great evenings with you at our meetings and your help with the fundraising and community projects we undertake.


Changeover Dinner 2015-16

Thank you Lorna for a wonderful year, you did a great job and we hope you get some well earned R&R in the next month or so.  We wish Martin Buoncristiani every success for the 2015-16 year ahead.


Rotary Theme 2015-16


RI President K.R. Ravindran chose Be a Gift to the World as his theme for 2015-16. Ravindran urges Rotary members to give the gifts of time, talent, and knowledge to improve lives in communities across the globe. “Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world.”

Congratulations To Our New Paul Harris Fellows

PP Ian Wakefield, PP Russ Nielsen and Anna Malseed accepted their awards at the Changeover Dinner.  Ian for his ongoing support of all club activities, there isn’t much he doesn’t put his hand up to help with!  Russ for his commitment and dedication in designing and ensuring the Anzac Walk project in Emerald came to fruition. This is a lasting legacy the club and community can be very proud of. Anna for her hard work in running the Debutante Ball for the last 2 years and for putting her hand up yet again to run the event in 2016.


 Rotary Club of Emerald & District Board of Directors for 2017-18

President PHF Russell Marnock
Secretary Vicki Van den Bergen
Treasurer Richard Gaunt
President-Elect & Club Service Ian Ash
Immediate Past President PP Emma Clark
Community Service PP PHF Tina McInerney
International John Henderson
Vocational Service PP PHF Chris Adams
Youth Service PP PHF Gayle Barrot