Vocational Service focuses on:
• Adhering to and promoting the highest ethical standards in all occupations
• Recognising the value of all useful occupations, not just those that are pursued by Rotarians
• Contributing one’s vocational talents to meeting the needs of the community

Program Activities 2015-2016


Vocational Service Report 2015- 2016

Vocational Service is one of those avenues of service that we tend to neglect, to some extent. For all the correct reasons. The club is generally very busy and financially preoccupied with those in need. This is as it should be. However Vocational Service should not be neglected because it is one of the founding pillars of the Rotary Community. Vocational Service is the Avenue of service that links Rotary with the business community and in turn to a potential source of new members and fundraising.

Pride of Workmanship

This year due to time and financial constraints we elected to run one major event that covered the Pride of Workmanship Awards and the presentation of the McLeod Murphy Scholarship. We were also lucky that we could have a Paul Harris Fellow awarded to Kris Ash on the night. Justly deserved.

I thank the members of the Vocational Service Committee for their work throughout the year and particularly thank Yvette and Chris for their input, help, direction and participation in the Pride of Workmanship Awards night. Yvette, as my right hand on the night, was sensational. A big thanks must also go to the unsung heroes. Lorna Shaw who looks after the financial side of the club and her side kick for the POW night Russ Nielsen. Thanks to Peter Dompietro for taking the photos. And a big thanks to the Paradise Hotel –a great job. I also thank the club members for their support on the night. For the first time that I can recall we had nearly 100% club involvement.

This year, on April 19th, we presented 11 Vocational Service awards, across 4 categories, in front of almost 120 people. Thanks in part to those who sold raffle tickets and to my wife Jenny for putting the raffle prize together the net cost of the evening was about 50% of what had budgeted. We now have a net cost for the evening of about $873.

McLeod Murphy Memorial Fund

As part of the POW night we also presented $1,000 each to two McLeod Murphy Memorial Fund Scholarship recipients. It has been the clubs intention to award the McLeod Murphy Scholarship on biannual basis. However, this year, we elected to go back to back. The Award to each recipient is made on the basis that they are local students studying for tertiary qualifications in the medical field. The Award is over two years with recipients receiving $1000 for the first year and, if they continue in the field, $1000 in the second year.

Accordingly we presented a second $1000 to Holly Latter, our recipient from last year. Our Recipient for the 2015-16 year was Oscar Hulbert who also received $1000.

Thank you for the opportunity to be the Vocational Service chair. It has been a very fulfilling year

Ian Wakefield

Chair, Vocational Service Committee