Board Information

The Rotary Club is administered by a Board of Directors lead by the elected Club President. The Directors represent the various Avenues of Service within the Club and bring their recommendations to the Board for ratification on a monthly basis.

Membership Committee Update

Chair:  PP PHF Ian Ash
Our kick-off meeting was held on Sunday 9th July and the intent was that committee members would work on the area(s) that interested them the most.
We factored the following into our considerations:
  1. Fair distribution of workload
  2. We integrate President Sangeeta’s desire that we improve our engagement with the local community.
  3. Ensure a strong focus on membership retention as much as new members.
Key responsibilities are:
  • Club website (PP PHF Kris Ash, supported by Greg Adams)
  • PR and Community liaison (PP PHF ShaliniPenny)
  • Sparkle - Our Newsletter (PP PHF Kris Ash)
  • Social Media (Sid Umesh)
  • New Member Induction (PP PHF Ian Ash)
  • Club Noticeboard (PP PHF Colin Brown supported by PP PHF Shalini Penny)
  • Club Membership Survey (Greg Adams)
  • Social Meetings (PP PHF Ian Ash)
Welcome to our Club!
Emerald & District

2023-2024 Theme - CREATE HOPE in the WORLD

We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.
Paradise Valley Hotel
249 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd
Clematis, VIC 3782
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